CityLink Driving School, Delivering Driving Lessons In East London

Driving Lesson Types

Available for our learners

‘First lesson’ assessment lesson = this is where we work out a personal lesson plan for you. We will want to find out about your driving experience, so we know how many lessons you will need in total, usually a two-hour lesson each week is recommended, but this is based on your convenience.

CityLink driving school instructors operate in new modern cars. They have all the modern features you would expect, fitted with dual controls, so you can be sure to be safe.

Our lessons are tailored around our pupil, so you can progress at your own pace.
CityLink driving school will teach you the skills required to become a confident, safe and responsible driver.

Intensive Courses

Proven to be the fastest way for learners of all ages when learning to drive and are now a common place in the UK, Armed forces, Bus drivers, Police drivers will have been trained in this way

Short Notice Tests

If you have already booked your test and now been let down by your instructor or some other turn of events, CityLink Driving School will be able to help you. Whatever your situation, just let us know.

Refresher Lessons

This course is designed for people who have not driven for a while, feel nervous or just passed, but still a little unsure about certain aspects of driving. We’ll help you get comfortable driving on the road.

Pass Plus

This course is designed for pupils who have recently passed their practical driving test. The pass plus course will not only help you develop the skills you have already learned but may also help you reduce your insurance premiums.

Regular Driving Lessons

There’s no minimum number of lessons you must have or hours you must practise driving. How many lessons you need will depend on how quickly you learn.